Each Level has a target time to beat. In most of the levels a solid run with a couple of minor errors still allows you to achieve the Speedrun time threshold.

It doesn't matter of you run or jump, the speed will always be the same. Water and Ice will slow Mos down.

Speedrun Archive

The speedrun archive contains runs that are competing for high rankings not only fast runs. At the time of recording all the linked videos are world-wide best times.

General techniques

Using this simple techniques should be helpful to beat all the Speedruns.

Short Jumps

Pressing up for a short moment will let Mos jump a smaller distance. This can be used in a lot of levels to jump over an enemy and still land on the same platform without stopping.   

Wall Jumps 

In a lot of levels is often possible to take a shortcuts using a Wall Jump.

Water Jumps 

Water will slow Mos down, repeatedly jumping out of the water will be faster than swimming.

Sync Points

A lot of levels have some kind of automatically moving platforms or enemies moving in a specific pattern that will force Mos to stop. You see that all ghosts are standing at the same place. Don't try to be the fastest when you need to wait at a later point in the level anyways.


Use your friends and your own ghost as an advantage to discover new ways and tricks.

Advanced techniques

This sections features some advanced tricks you can use to achieve competitive Speedrun times.

Rope Boost

There is only one way to go faster than the normal running speed in the game. Using a rope and jumping directly after grabbing the rope will give you a small boost.

Mos Speedrun 2 - Rope Boost

Mos Speedrun 2 - Rope Boost


In some levels a button needs to be activated and Mos needs to go back a bit. In this levels it might be faster to die or Mos most to wait for some platforms. Killing her and respawning at the last Checkpoint might save some time or changes the timing of the environment and the enemies to your favor.

Mos Speedrun 2 - Speedrun Checkpoint Hack

Mos Speedrun 2 - Speedrun Checkpoint Hack

Inverse Rope Swing

Instead of swinging in the direction of movement to gain momentum you can push in the opposite direction directly after grabbing a rope to build up still enough speed to make a jump.

Delayed Start

In some levels you should wait a specific amount of time before running. Some Traps actually have a different timing using. In Level 5-6 you can see the maces swinging even if you have not started your run yet. This behavior applies to a few Traps only but you can use this to your advantages even if you are not seeing the Trap when you start the Level.