This level has a unique twist, like a lot of the levels in World 4. There are Pressure Plates that invert the gravity. So you will find Mos walking on the ceiling. Enemies are not affected by the gravity flip. Controlling Mos can be strange at the first but after a few runs you get used to it. This levels uses Spikes on the ceiling or floor so ensure some areas can only be accessed in one of the gravity modes only.

The mid section of the level is a bridge build of five vertically moving platforms with Tentacles and a Bolt Shooter.


A good speedrun time depends on crossing the bridge without waiting times. To reach the bridge a early a clean run is necessary.

Mos Speedrun 2 – Level 4-5 – Speedrun 6301:08

Mos Speedrun 2 – Level 4-5 – Speedrun 63.54

Day Charm

When instead of switching the gravity back to normal at the second pressure plate, jump 'down' the steps and turn left to find the Day Charm.

Mos Speedrun 2 – Level 4-5 – Day Charm 1202:25

Mos Speedrun 2 – Level 4-5 – Day Charm 12

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